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Wink Up message board - Ueda Tatsuya

It's been so long since I posted here! I started a new job in September.. and taking advantage of the month I had before starting, my summer has been amazing and filled with trips. :D I've been really busy trying to learn the ropes in my new position, and haven't been active in fandom, but now I'll hopefully be able to post more often again.. RL still has to take priority, and besides, I need to rake in the moolah to be a rabiddevoted fangirl and support Pi by buying his goods. :D

Here's a short post on the WU message board conversation between Ueda and Pi which I found really cute, and a brief random mention of Pi by Kichise Michiko (vaguely remember her in Nodame?):

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Also I was wondering if there's anyone translating Pi's magazine articles these days? I can try to translate some articles if noone has done them.. Or if someone already is, I can go dig up some other random things to translate instead? Please let me know! =D

Random Mentions - Mizobata Junpei

From Junpei's August interview with Mina magazine:

"A man's secret words"

The senpai I respect is Yamashita Tomohisa-kun.
To my generation who watched Dragon Zakura, Nobuta's Shuji and Akira as students, Yamashita-kun is the existence of a star.

So, being able to costar in a drama together made me really happy.
Yamashita-kun, not only at work, but in private time as well, he should be a person who is very well liked.
He really thinks about his family and friends.

He's really looked after me as well. Actually, unexpectedly I get lonely easily, and there were times when I made weird calls in the middle of the night. (lol)
Yamashita-kun said, "It's okay (daijoubu dayo~)", and listened to me quietly on the phone.

Seeing the Yamashita-kun who is tolerant, and always thinking about things from every dimension,
"Why do I always get caught up in such little tings.."
I become a bit ashamed.. I really do respect him!

Credit: original text from XQ repost

A/N: Reposting is allowed with credit please! 
I've been kinda on hiatus for the last little while, taking trips and things.. It seems that a lot of really exciting Pi news happened recently! PI YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION! <3<3<3 

Random Mentions: Aikawa Sho, Mizobata Junpei

Aikawa Sho-san

When Sho-san was on Porori Bus, he was asked to write the unexpected friendships he had with other entertainers, and he named Higashiyama, Uchimura Teruyoshi, Yamapi, Matsuoka (Tokio), 玉ちゃん(couldn't figure out who this was)

When he was asked about Yamapi, Sho-san said that after acting together, Yamapi came to play at his house.. Yamapi could eat a lot, he ate around 50 pieces of sushi! The reporter was surprised because Pi is so thin and good looking.. XD

Sho-san said that he calls him "Yamapi".

Mizobata Junpei:

He mentioned Pi in his blog, he said that they went out to drink together.
Pi had to restrict his diet because of filming for the movie and became really really thin, and he was worried about Pi's health.

Credit: reposted original text and screen cap taken from XQ

Random Mentions - Johnny's Jrs., actress from CB2

Messages left by the Jrs:

Kishi Takayoshi:
I like Yamashita-kun's dance.
It would be great if I could dance like that one day.

Matsumura Hokuto (from Nakamura Yuma with B.I. Shadow):
I want to become someone who can sing a solo during a concert.
Immediately creating something right now is probably impossible though.
If I can sing "After the Rain" by Yamashita-kun, who I really like, I would be really happy.

Yoshida Emma: 

Yoshida Emma, an actress who appeared in Code Blue, wrote in her blog about the bento Pi bought for the CB staff.
"Even though he gives a cool feeling, even though he's exhausted, he never forgets to take care of everything around him. A really kind person."

New Pi Fansighting XD

From a Japanese blog of a man around 5 years older than Yamapi:

There was a foreigner who looked a lot like Yamapi in front of me.
So, without thinking, I told him, "You really look like Yamapi.."
Then, he said something like "Thank you" in Japanese, and nodded slightly.
I made a mistake after all图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Thinking like this, when I walked outside,
There were girls screaming, jumping around, and talking on cellphones saying, "Yamapi is here! I shook hands with him~图片点击可在新窗口打开查看", sharing this with their friends.
That person earlier
It was the private time Yamapi himself.

From Audrey* member on Waratte Ii Tomo:

Kasuga from the comedy duo Audrey talked about Pi on Waratte ii tomo special, which looks back on this week's Waratte ii tomo.
During the impersonation corner, only Pi put up the "looks alike" sign for the impersonator, he's really kind.
And he said that his partner Wakabayashi calls Pi "Yamapi". XD

From the blog of
a dancer who stood beside Pi In the Weider-In commercial: 

Weider-in Jelly, the commercial with Yamapi..
He's really very handsome.
This is a Johnny's who can represent Japan~ I thought this in my heart!

When we were filming for the poster, I stood beside him.. Ahh.. he's really kakkoi!
I'll continue to support him from now on.
And I'll continue to work hard myself from now on!

*Audrey is a comedy duo: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audrey_%28owarai%29

A/N: LOLOLOL!!!!!! I have so much work I'm dying, but I just had to share that tidbit.. hahaha! Foreigner! I wonder if he'll talk about this when he goes on programs, "I was told I looked like Yamapi"... XDD
Edit: Read about Pi fresh out of the shower here: watchful21.livejournal.com/202537.html

Random Mentions of Pi - Asari Yosuke

Asari Yousuke was recently on Hanamaru Cafe, and talked about Pi.
There was one time he asked Pi to go drink together was just after Code Blue 1 was done filming, and they talked about acting..
The place they were in played some Western music that isn't usually played in Japan, and Pi asked the waiter, it's this this song right? And the waiter said yes.
Asari-kun said, he had no idea what it was, but Pi knew, how amazing..
And he said to Pi, "You're a Johnny's.. that's really cool.. "
Pi said, "You've been an actor for 18 years, that's really cool too."
They drank and praised each other. XDD

He said that Pi's ability to finely/discerningly understand the music played and express his emotions when he's acting, Asari-kun was inspired, and he really respects Pi.
He showed a picture of Yamapi too.

They drank until they could barely stand up and were leaning on each other, really drunk. XD

See it here, thanks to watchful21: v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTYwMjE2ODA4.html

A/N: Apparently they drank until 4am!! Finally filming is done, and Yamapi can relax a bit! <3
On a random note, all those things going on with KAT-TUN are kinda unsettling.. What's happening to Johnny's...???

Random Mentions of Pi - Kimura Takuya

Kimura Takuya mentioned Pi on his radio show today! A Yamapi fan wrote in asking Kimura whether they interacted off camera.
The day of Smap X Smap filming, Kimura was reading a magazine in front of the mirror.
"Good morning, please take care of me today," someone's voice sounded..
Kimura was like, "Eh?" and looked up. Through the mirror, he saw that it was Yamashita-kun giving his greeting.
Yamapi said, "Sorry about greeting you in the mirror."
"Ah, I'm the one who should apologize, I was facing the mirror..." Kimura then noticed that he was also greeting Yamapi in the mirror. XD

Then he said that sometimes dramas are turned into movies. This can definitely happen to Code Blue right?
If it does, how about this? what should the title be.. "Code Blue Film"? Not "movie", but "film".
(A/N: There are rumours of a Code Blue movie coming up, but Kimura was CLEARLY joking here, with that very creative title.. LOL)

And he said, Yamapi's P stands for Pink, right? Here is the next song, a pink song.. LOL!!!

After the last episode of Code Blue 2 will be the preview for the next getsu9.. (the next one will be starring KimuTaku)
But Kimura said that he didn't know the title.. and filming hasn't started... Isn't this scary?!
(A/N: I really hope he was just kidding again.. LOL)

He also mentioned that some of the talk section from Bistro Smap was cut (we don't know what exactly was cut though, boo!)

Listen to it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-oSylbeq0A

A/N: *happy flailing*
I watched all of KimuTaku's dramas before I even watched all of Yamapi's! He was my first Johnny's crush, amazingly enough, so even little random mentions like this makes me happy. XD
The only other time I can recall was also on his radio show, years ago when Yamapi fans called in to talk about Yamapi donating money, and Kimura-kun said it was cool and he also wanted to try doing so or something.. lol.

Next time, P-chan and P-chan interaction, please! *hopes* XD