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Namacha event: Pi's new CM is to challenge the Guiness world record!

Yamashita Tomohisa's "Kirin Namacha" commercial will challenge the Guiness world record by making a 3D mosaic

A huge 3D mosaic art of Yamapi's Namacha commercial will be made at the steps in front of Fuji Terebi in Odaiba using the Namacha bottles!!
When it's completed, the image of Yamashita Tomohisa from the new "Kirin namacha" commercial will be created
They will be taking photos there, and stick the photos on the bottles to make this image.

There will be a message from Yamashita Tomohisa shown at the site

Details of the event:
Dates: April 29th ~ May 2nd ※The completed product will be displayed on May 9th
Time: 10:00 ~ 18:00
Registration: 9:00 Tickets will be given for each day until they are all given out
Location: Steps in front of Fuji Terebi main building

Totally number of participants:
2,385 people/1 day          9,540 people/over 4 days
Tickets will be given starting from 9am until they're all given out, and can be picked up after buying a bottle of the Namacha


A/N: XDDDD Omg! That is an awesome, super creative promotional event! I WISH I COULD GO AND USE MY FACE TO MAKE A MOSAIC OF PI'S FACE! *flails*