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Random Mentions - Johnny's Jrs., actress from CB2

Messages left by the Jrs:

Kishi Takayoshi:
I like Yamashita-kun's dance.
It would be great if I could dance like that one day.

Matsumura Hokuto (from Nakamura Yuma with B.I. Shadow):
I want to become someone who can sing a solo during a concert.
Immediately creating something right now is probably impossible though.
If I can sing "After the Rain" by Yamashita-kun, who I really like, I would be really happy.

Yoshida Emma: 

Yoshida Emma, an actress who appeared in Code Blue, wrote in her blog about the bento Pi bought for the CB staff.
"Even though he gives a cool feeling, even though he's exhausted, he never forgets to take care of everything around him. A really kind person."

Code Blue and Buzzer Beat in Fuji TV's recruitment presentations

Yamapi's works Code Blue and Buzzer Beat were recently shown as representative works for Fuji Terebi's drama department presentation to its job applicants. Apparently the Code Blue producer Masumoto Jun (増本淳) and the Buzzer Beat producer Nakano Toshiyuki (中野利幸) were at these presentations, and they picked the Yamapi dramas as their representative works.


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