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Fanreport - Nagoya (March 3rd 2011)

Saw a cute report! Nagoya concert sounds so much fun! I'll try to translate more reports if I can find the time. Piiiiiiiiii!!!! I sooooo want to go see! <3
Sorry I left a bunch of names blank, didn't know how to romanize them.. Please let me know if you know who they are and I'll edit the entry!

Enjoy! :)

Yamashita Tomohisa
March 3rd in Nagoya!
MC Report

Everyone from Nagoya
How are you (genki desu ka)?
Everyone please let me see you full of smiles.
There are young and old people, people of all ages came, I’m very thankful!
All the pressure and stress.. and the fat over here (lol)
Let’s shake it all off!

I came to Nagoya yesterday, there was a lot of yummy stuff.
(Fans: Agepoyo~)
(Fans: Agepoyo! Agepoyo~)
Ahh, it’s agepoyo
There’s all sorts of new words these days
(Fans: Riaru chu?)
(Fans: Riaru chu~)
Ehh? What? Totally don’t understand (lol)

Let’s introduce the juniors this time.
Please introduce yourselves

(Jr: I’m Anderson Keishi(sp?))
How old are you?
(Sixteen years old)
High school student?
(First year of high school)
Anderson’s father is American right? So he speaks English really well.
Everyone knows him now right?
Won’t forget?

(Jr: I’m Anzai __tarou)
How old are you?
Nineteen? That’s really agepoyo (lol)

(Jr: I’m the same age as Senga-kun from Kis My Ft II)
Ehh? You’re Anderson #2? Lol
(Jr: Nono, I’m Masuda __)

(I’m _______)
He’s an interesting guy right? 

Ashita no Joe is currently airing. Has everyone seen it?
There must be girls in the audience who find boxing scary, actually boxing is quite deep too
There’s a lot of interesting stories there~

(Jr Anzai cut in: When I heard I was allowed to come along during this tour, I went to see it before Nagoya!)

Why is that your motivation for seeing it? (lol)
I’m very happy.
Thank you.

Those who haven’t seen it, please go see!
Ano, even you go on lady’s day (discounted for ladies) it’s okay! (lol) 

I’m promoting the two unit album Supergood Superbad
The first one is like ballad type songs like Senorita and Seishun Amigo.
The second one is like dance club music.
Ehh? Why are you laughing? (lol)
I’m trying to explain!
I was just trying to introduce my album!

What else can I talk about?

(Jr. Anzai: I heard that in Hong Kong, the song Tsumi to Batsu had dance moves to go along with it, I want to try it again today)

You explain it to everyone then?

(Anzai sang a line: During this line, please clench and unclench your fist like this. ABC’s Kawai-kun thought of this in Hong Kong. The first part during the A-melody part, please call go go Yamapi. Everyone please follow along with this call.)

He made it pretty easy to understand (lol)
This time the concert hall is different, and the juniors are different.
Wait just a second, can I go get a drink of water?

(Jr. Anderson: I’m really looking forward to Hokkaido)
(Jr. Anzai: We’re in Nagoya right now! Talk about a Nagoya related topic! (lol))

*Yamapi comes back.*

There’s my web nikki, a few days ago it’s reached the 2600th time.
I received a lot of thoughts and questions from fan mails, let me introduce it now.

From Gumi-gumi-san, “How often do you go to the beauty parlor? I’m wondering since I am an aesthetician.”
Me, if it’s not for work like a drama or something, I don’t really go.
Maybe about once every three months?
You guys are not too interested in how often I go to the beauty parlor?
Then let me introduce a couple more mails and then we’ll be done (lol)

Yuu-san’s question, how far away can you still see the uchiwas? What did the uchiwa that made you happiest say?
I can see uchiwa from really far back.
(Fans in the back: Look over here!!!)
I’m looking aren’t I?
I can see it all very clearly.
There’s an uchiwa that’s totally made from LED lights!
Using LED lights to make the word Yamapi.
Even though it’s far away, I can still see it.
The uchiwa that everyone spent so much time making, I can see it
Thank you ne.

I’ve received fanmail which wrote about their feelings about my dramas, I was really happy.
It made me feel that it was really great that I acted in that drama.
Like Code Blue…
(Fans: Kyaaa~!)
What? Just this sentence (lol)
Did I say something to make everyone so excited? Lol
In the future if you guys are unenergetic, I’ll just say Code Blue directly then (lol)
Ahh, right right, because of this drama, the number of helicopters increased, that made me really happy.

*walks to centre stage*
Does anyone have questions?
Who should I pick? Okay! You!

(Fan: I want to be a voice actor, but I’m afraid I’ll be nervous. Do you have a trick for not being nervous?)
Nope! Lol
Before the concert, before Senorita began,
I was squatting down,
What should I do? What should I do? Thinking like this
But once I come onstage, I feel that I have no choice but to try and act cool (lol)
It’s okay!
Don’t give up!
*in English* Never give up yo! 

Any others?
People who have questions?
(Fan: It’s no a question, but…)
Not a question?
(Fan: Ano, please imitate *a certain comedian*’s actions!)

How does it go?
Can you teach me?
Ahh~ I know now.
Like, “Dodosuko(?)”, like that?
Oh no, I shouldn’t have remembered that.. Okay, then I’ll just imitate it for a bit…

 (Fans: Do it again!!!)

I won’t do it anymore! (lol)
About this, on the internet, don’t write this part…
Otherwise tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, I’ll definitely be asked to do this again!
Everyone has to keep this secret!
(Fans: scream like crazy)

Aaaa~ ne (lol)
It’s because this is my solo concert
If it was a NEWS concert, I definitely wouldn’t do it!
Because I would say, “Shige! You do it!” lol

*back to main stage*
The internet is amazing, right? Twitter and all that. I’m here and here now and all that.

(Fans: Do it again!)

I’m not doing it anymore!
Ahh, when I say “Love”, everyone say “To you”
Start now?
(Fans: To you!)

And then he went into the second half of the concert!
Ahhh it was really high!
Stand A block 21.
During the encore the moving stage was right in front of my eyes
And it stopped!
Yamapi was sooo close!
Hazukashii! (lol)

Super high concert!
So handsome!
Amazingly cute!
Looking forward to tomorrow too.

From fanreport on mixi
Reposting allowed with link back to this post

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