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ASIA TOUR!!! HONG KONG (Jan 29, 2011)

I'll try to post some fanreports up, will update this post as I go! XDDDD
Reports that Pi mama, Rina, and his grandfather were all there..
Jackie Chan's son was there! LOL.. His updated on sina saying, "Yamashita Tomohisa's concert had great atmosphere.. the singing and the lighting were amazing!! 10000 people probably there were 50 men... My head is still filled with the screaming of 9550 girls.. Ears are ringing.. hahahaha"


The con pamphlet had Japanese,Chinese, Korean and Thai. It looked amazing!
Today all the fans were amazing! There was someone who came cosplaying as Akira.
I almost lost my voice! Gotta scream as loud as I can!
Seeing Pi in person, he was not quite as think as I imagined! He looked very healthy, very fit. No need to worry anymore. He's so pale and beautiful!
I had such a great seat! Today he waved to me five times!! And there were less people where I was! His expression was super gentle!
He had even more of an aura than I imagined! He was super high! Near the end, he almost tripped, and then acted cute and said, "Danger!" XDDD

During the MC he asked us if any of his dramas have been aired in Hong Kong. And some of the fans said Code Blue.
Then! He said that if Honey-chan's got sick, he would come and cure them!! I screamed like crazy!
Then, when he went to sing, on the big screen they played scenes from his dramas! Again, non-stop screaming!

And, today his hair was super nice! Even though he didn't strip for us, when he changed between songs, it still caused a lot of screaming!
His hooded black jacket, the lines of his arms and the skin that was occasionally revealed under his clothes! Ahhh! Moe!
And he very sweetly kept waving!
Between the dancing, he would still periodically touch his nose, play with his belt!
His dancing improved a lot!
The jokes during MC were pretty funny.

Today, we basically stood from the beginning to the end. We were tired from the screaming before Pi even came out!
During the MC, he very considerately told us to sit down and rest!
He wore a vest thing during the MC.
And he told us to dance with ABC! Making clutching movements with his little hands, super cute!
He didn't teach us himself, but made fun of ABC for not being good teachers! hahaha
Today during the singing, everybody sang together at one part. ABC taught us, it was only one line, which was "I love Yamapi!"

Today he sang Loveless during encore. His clothes were kira kira, it was crazy dazzling when the spotlight shone on him.
He sang his new song! Live was even better than CD!

And then I have to talk about our eyes meeting! He went on the moving platforms pretty soon after it began. When it got to me, I waved my penlight like crazy, screaming Yamapi. I even jumped up and down, while holding his uchiwa. He saw me, and smiled, and waved! Our eyes met! Such a gentle expression! Me and the girls beside me screamed like crazy....uncontrollably. Because I waved too hard, now my arms are so sore! But I must hold out! There's still the night show!

Oh, I have to mention the encore! This mischievous child jumped off the stage, and stood on the speakers, and let his fans touch him!
And the staff pulled an pulled to get him out.. then this child climbed back on the stage, and ran to the other side of the stage to fanservice the rest of the fans! So sweet.


Oh no, the venue is crazy high! Pi's clothes were kira kira.
I just heard Pi say, thank you~ I love you
Binoculars are an awesome thing, I could see Pi's face so clearly. The girl beside me was even crying.
He said, can you call my name? And we all screamed, Tomo!
He sang really well live, even thought occasionally he kinda ran out of breath.. It sounded amazing, especially the English parts.


Report from the first show:

Surprisingly his hair was parted in the middle today. But he was really beautiful. The songs transitioned really well from one to another.
I screamed from the beginning to the end. Penlight as well, I waved so hard I can't move anymore. My legs are dead too. Stood up almost the entire time.
When he moved closest to me he was singing The Last Love Song. The cart circled the S3 section once, and I waved my uchiwa really high and waited for him to come. Finally saw his smile clearly! And he was waving! That angle.. I'll never forget!

Today he didn't dance very much during Loveless, but the atmosphere was super nice. His clothes were sparkly, he was like a prince!
One in a million, Daite senorita, Amigo, Hadakanbo, everyone sang along.
There was a song where he was waving a Japanese sword, it was super super gorgeous! The way his skin would occasionally show through his clothes!

When he sang Aoi, the venue almost lost control. Everybody kinda lost control, including me. I wanted to leave my seat and go closer. He really fanserviced a lot! I thought that if it wasn't the limitations of the stage, he would fanservice us even more! This is how great of a person he is!

Right now I can't express my feelings in any language. Anyways, he gave 200% and is very seriously committed to doing this asia tour, and hopes to express himself completely to all the people who support him. I hope people at the venues scream "I love Yamapi" even more! I think he likes to hear that.. hehe

My tearpoint came when the big screen was playing scenes of all his dramas. There were lots of Kenzou and Aizawa fans there right? Screamed super loud!

He said, "I'll give you all my life". What idol can say something like that? *tear*

Second show:

What to do?!!!!!!! The second show was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were crazy high!!!!!!!!!
For Loveless, everyone sang together! Yamapi must have been really touched!
Give you my life, he said it again! And he said Hong Kong is the best!!!!

As soon as the show began, I kinda left my seat. Everyone was crowded around the small stage, and it was very orderly!
So my line of sight was to the right of the stage. When he sang I could look closely at the left side of his face.
The left side of his face beneath his bangs were beautiful beyond words! The dance had so much feeling! It surpassed any other time I've seen! I'm burning!!!!!

And everyone was calling for him to strip! So during Hadakanbo, he took his black shirt half off... So it was almost like he stripped! So hot!!!


Heading back to my own city now, today the concert was super high, I've almost lost my voice! Yamapi is seriously moe and cute and occasionally plays it cool!

His skin was pale, his cheeks were still kinda sunken in, but his condition was excellent. Super high during the entire show.
During the MC he wore a black tank top, the lines of his arms were gorgeous! The girls all screamed extremely loudly, it often buried Yamapi's voice.. But I still heard his not very accurate "I love you all" in Cantonese. All the girls there were quietly correcting his pronunciation, and his expression was suuuper moe~

This time during the concert, Yamapi really changed a bunch of times, and the vast majority of the time they were very sparkly.
During the battle scene, you could see his bare arms. The way he waved the Japanese sword had a slightly delinquent but also gentlemanly feel, super handsome. Especially when he threw the sword at the end, amazingly hot and manly, I cannot describe that feeling, everyone has to see for themselves.

There were so many moe points, so I'll write whatever I can remember. Yamapi didn't seem to touch his nose that many times, I only saw him do it 7-8 times. But from time to time, he would wriggle his butt, during the dance as well. So my attention went from his nose to his butt, and I even thought his butt was small and very cute. Turned into a hentai~

And something that made me cry, I think Yamapi said for us to forget the unhappy things in our lives and to let it pass. At that point the screaming near me was so loud I didn't really hear. Then all the girls at the venue called together, "Yamapi ganbatte!", and he nodded slightly, and said ganbatte too, and thanked us. Also, during the encore, everyone sang Loveless together. At that point I really felt that becoming his fan, and meeting so many people who also love him, it's really a precious thing in my life.


Wearing 10cm heels and dancing around for 4 hours with Tomo, it was absolutely no problem. Yamashita gives off an irresistable aura, making all the cells in your body move with his beat. In front of him, I didn't even feel the gravity, only the Yamashita magic.

Today when I was lining up to buy concert goods, I briefly scanned Pi's honey-chan's.. Everyone was super prepared, enthusiastically responding to his majesty's commands, everyone came beautifully dressed in red.
I don't even need to say anything about the homemade signs, Yamapi was so impressed, praised them so many times! I'm so happy! He saw everyone's love for him, the narcissist~ 

The stage and lighting all reflecte the theme of his Majesty's tour.. Glamour! Opulence! So good My seat in the first show was amazing, I was in S1 and following Pi from the main stage to the centre stage. He looked amazing up close from 720 degrees, wahahaha~  The first time our eyes met, my... my heart almost stopped, could not feel it beating anymore.. His intricate features, his perfect skin, he was like a prince, a doll

As expected, the Superbad theme and Tokyo Sinfionetta together, amazing! Sitting on the moving stage, wearing a dark green cloak? His majesty's overwhelming aura, like he was king of the world, so handome, so cool! For the dance, please think of the ad lib dance from Thailand. Anyways, extremely gorgeous! I wish there was a time machine so that I can watch this on repeat infinite times, amazed and overwhelmed

During the first show, he was a bit too nervous.. "e...e...." got stuck a few times, and said his name in Cantonese really cutely..  When he was introducing Five, he was squatting on he ground, super cute, tilting his head and watching ABC teach us the dance. The Yamapi who was just as confused as us was super cute. MC was all sorts of silly moe cuteness. I won't even go into the second show, the fanservice with the questioning, seriously too jealous, shaking hands, saying happy birthday to a fan and all that! 

He sang everything from the new album except two or three songs, basically sang everything, such a pleasant surprise! Superbad was as expected very high. He wore a hooded shirt during blood diamond, and wore a mask (why would you cover your gorgeous face?! ) The intense, kakkoi dance, seriously all the cells in my body were moving with him

When the lights dimmed onstage, he sat on a chair and hummed the intro to Friday Night in his little nasally voice. It was like the earth stopped moving, time stopped, and there was only him left in the whole world. Until the rhythmic beat of the song began, felt like I was drifting off somewhere, cannot put into words how this song made me feel.

Hadakanbo in the night show, Pi realized it couldn't be avoided and stripped XD
His arms were the same shade as his face. The lines of his arms and pecs were so perfect, even a sculptor could not create something so perfect. I was totally drooling XD
During Tomo, he was waving a Japanese sword, wore something like a Samurai costume (don't know what kind of clothes those were).. Often had glimpses of his chest, everybody turned very pervy~ 

During The Last Love Song, the big screen showed all the characters he played, I immediately started crying.. All the scenes they picked were the saddest scenes! Especially Akira singing in the recording room, Kenzou running, Kurosagi reaching out his hand and yelling helplessly.. Combined with that melancholic song, seriously went straight to my heart, could not do anything else but cry

The most amazing sound in the word is Yamapi's nasally voice coupled with his falsetto songs.. That unreleased new song, I almost drowned.. Wanted time to stop at this moment.

I heard Pi sing One Girl to me, now I can die with no regrets~ XD



Credit: bloggers at sina
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