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Happy birthday HaseJun!

Tomorrow HaseJun is turning 25! Everyone is getting all grown up!
Posting an old jweb translation from 2006, Pi was filming Byakkotai in Kyoto at the time, but he didn't forget his friend.. Well, not completely. XD

October 28, 2006  6:07 PM

Today the 29th is the person who is appearing in "Wataru seken wa oni bakari", my childhood friend Hasegawa Jun's birthday. (^^)Y (A/N: Yes, the date above actually does say 28th.. Lost track of the days Pi? XD)
And sorry.
I say this because yesterday I already called HaseJun.
As soon as it connected I excitedly began to sing happy birthday.
HaseJun said super calmly,
"Ah, it's Pi. Um um~"
Then I looked at the date on my phone, I was really surprised.
Totally too early (^^;)
But HaseJun then said,
"It's because Pi is in Kyoto, right?"
"It's a different time zone, so that can't be helped."
That's what he said to me! (lol)
Kyoto is not actually in a different time zone!
But compared to belated wishes, it was still good! (lol)
Next year I definitely can't get mixed up!
Everyone please don't get your friends' birthdays wrong!
Actually the only one who would get it wrong is me, right? (lol)

Happy birthday HaseJun! Please continue to be kind to Pi and keep making impossible excuses for his forgetfulness! :D
As usual, reposting is allowed with link back to this entry please. :)
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