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RyoPi RyoPi <3

I just saw Ryo's Potato, and just about died, this is the last straw! All the recent RyoPi love is sooo much love!!!!! I can't take it anymore.. LOL!!!
Had to make a post of the recent RyoPi moments! XDDDD

1. Ryo-chan's Potato: 

Recently about a member:
When Pi was done filming Ashita no Joe, we met up with some friends. He's still really really thin. But, it seems that when he takes his clothes off his pecs are very impressive. But I didn't make him show me on the spot after all.. (lol)


2. The fanreport of love, where Ryo said to Pi, "Suki desu, suki desu, suki desu!"
Why can't I find it anywhere?!!?!!?! a;jdflajdf;a;jlfad
And Pi thanking his mom, and Ryo's parents..
*flails madly*

3. Read another report saying, Ryo put his arm around Pi's shoulder, and was poking at his chest, and that's why Pi grabbed his hand.

4. Nikki's:

Pi's nikki October 3, 2010:

The moment I stop working hard, everything will come to an end.
   (From A-chan's translation on FB)

Ryo-chan's nikki October 7, 2010:

Being afraid to stop
At times like this I'll always be there to give a push on your back
Do your best today too!
   (Also from FB, here: 

aldja;ahdlfadjh AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! So in sync! <3

5. RyoPi - which friend of theirs is such a big RyoPi shipper?! XDD

6. RyoPi - Pi's FACE as he seriously tries to make a nice, symmetrical heart.. LOL!!! <3

7. RYOPI - KYAAAA!!!!!! I'm beyond words, seriously, beyond words!!!

It's been so loooong, and I don't know what happened to you two last year, but there will always be a softspot in my heart for you two dorks! <3<3<3

...Had a little too much coffee tonight.. LOL.. Please bear with me. :P
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