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Fanreport - NEWS LIVE concert (part 3)

Did a big batch today! Here is the last part of the fanreports! I'm so happy the NEWS concerts went so well, and Pi had so much fun! And the MS performance for the new single was so much love! Long awaited member ai! <3
The Pi who gets lonely easily is all grown up now and handles himself with strength and maturity, but I still remember him saying four years ago, that all the solo activity, all the different groups and subunits felt like being a transfer student.. And seeing all these reports about how happy he was with his members suddenly reminded me of that again, and I'm so glad those days of uncertainty are over, and even though NEWS activities were quite sparse this year, I'm grateful to be able to see them together again.

Onto the reports! :D


His hair was flowing, like the Aizawa hairstyle on the uchiwa. He was smiley and happy throughout the whole concert, very moe and cute, but really didn’t talk much. He waved a lot, made a bunch of faces, so moe! And at last with the hot air balloon, that was actually kinda scary! His solo was one in a million, he had fluorescent lights on his clothes. The first day of the concerts overall had no surprises, but he was grinning happily, and I was very contented watching him through my binoculars~

Today was very hot, and Pi was sweating after the first song. During the MC, most of the time he was communicating intimately with his towel-kun.. Wiping his neck, chin, mouth, nose, forehead.. kinda had a pattern going, lol.. During the MC, he folded the towel into a small square, and fanned himself with it.. Other than that he would raise the mic and smile ><occasionally saying a few things~

The concert hall was huge, and the sound effect was not great.. As usual everyone had to strain their voices pretty hard to be heard.. Yamapi would occasionally be out of tune~ lol.. Since they were new songs I’m not sure if he screwed up any of the lyrics, but he always does that with a straight face anyways so I probably wouldn’t have known~

Yamapi would often run over, sing and bounce around waving etc. There were these big balls during this concert. At first they came out of the balls, and the staff got this huge balloon for the fans to hit around. On two occasions the balloon went beside Yamapi, and he would happily open his arms, catch the ball and throw it back. Super cute ><

Then the hot air balloons.. I thought they were pretty scary, because it was hard to balance. Yamapi seemed nervous, he held on to the sides and only looked at the people close to him, waving slightly, not looking at the top of the dome at all…

My impression of the costumes, Pi came out wearing a red, shiny outfit that was textured kinda like a candy wrapper. Then the middle part, he wore a white shirt, and had a furry thing hanging from his shoulder, with shiny long pangs, looked pretty good. Then he had a pink short jacket, very sporty and fresh, kinda reminded me of Adidas clothes, lol. And he had a black and white checkered suit, gold at the collar, sleeves etc.

During the encore he held a really little baby, and rubbed his face against its face, moe!



Today he wore a little black tank top on the very inside. During the MC, while someone else was talking, he ran off to the sides, unwrapped the stuff on his pants, took some water, and went to intimately communicate with his towel again lol.

Tegoshi said that yesterday he saw Pi take a bath, and said that this was very rare. Then Koyama-kun immediately said, I don’t think Yamapi showers much.. And Pi was kinda like, *sweatdrop*, you guys are making it sound like I don’t shower! Koyama said that he meant Pi showered very quickly, but it came out wrong.. Then everyone corrected him saying that it’s true that Pi showers very fast XD

Today RyoPi coincidentally ran into each other during the end of one of the songs, and Ryo-chan half hung himself on Pi, lol. Then Pi very obediently grabbed the hand that Ryo had around his neck, held onto it for a long time, and made faces at the camera, lol, so cute!

It felt like Yamapi just sang and dance with the members, then quietly smiled and listened to everyone else talk. Actually during MC, there were a few times when he raised the mic to talk, but most of the time he ended up putting it back down without saying anything ==. The kira kira Yamapi from his solo con can’t be seen here ==+. But it was obvious that he was very relaxed, hyper and content with his members around him.

Oh, I remembered, when Yamapi was at the main stage, he threw his wristband to the arena. That girl was so lucky, it landed straight in her lap, no chance for anyone to fight over it with her. Oh, and I saw Yamapi very gently shake hands with the girls in the wheelchairs, he was very kind and gave them a lot of attention.. But that I won’t be jealous of *sweatdrop*

Today when they were tossing the big balloon about, Yamapi looked like he really wanted to play, but the ball was too far away, so he gestured to the staff that he wanted to hit the ball too, what a mischievous kid ><

All the screens in the front row were playing his AnJ CM, so finally he advertised saying that it would be in theatres next February. It was really amazing to see! Then one of the members asked about his weight, and he calmly said that he lost weight till he was 54kg, reaching the professional standard for that weight class. He actually must have been proud, right



I’m kinda drawing a blank, it was such a great idea to stay for the last show! He was totally different during this show, totally high! He was so lively during the songs, and the endless silly poses and expressions during the dancing! And he likes to bounce around while waving his hair about, he should really do a commercial for shampoo!

Right from the start he was radiating with energy! And he got everyone’s energy up, everyone was very accommodating, and several times following his lead, the entire venue went crazy! Seriously, he was all kinds of hyper. When he walked in front of me, his eyes were kira kira, so beautiful!

Today he made weird expressions at the camera many times, winking, frowning, ahh so cute! And then he bounced really high, his head was waving about more quickly than usual, his hair flying. During the encore, he ran over to put his arm around Massu and sang together, then he hugged KoyaShige, one on each side, and openly let them each kiss one of his cheeks! I totally lolled, Pi you were taken advantage of by both of them at once, oi! XDDD

Today RyoPi were hilarious too, like in the first show, when Shige went over to them, wanting the three of them to face the camera together in a display of love, but Ryo shoved him away! XDDD Everyone cracked up.

The arena in front of me, a few of the women in the front corner were so lucky! They were all hugged by Yamapi! I’m not making this up, and you didn’t see wrong! He walked over to the guard rail, and suddenly opened his arms near the crowd and pulled a bunch of girls into a hug! This actually got kinda scary, once the girls realized what was happening they were all crowding over to him and tried to pull him into the crowd. Luckily the staff was very professional, and they immediately pulled him out.

It’s become a regular thing for him to hug a baby.  Today, he walked to the stands to my left, singing and shaking hands with the fans. Then he gestured that he wanted to hold a baby, and a little pretty girl in pink clothes was put into his arms. He held the little girl and faced the camera together, and a big cutey and a little cutey appeared on screen, face to face, so cute, so moe! ><

Just to the front and left of where I was, where the wheelchair section was, I saw up close a very very kind Yamapi. Even when I think of it now, I’m so moved I want to cry. His movements were so soft and gentle, not wanting to startle her and letting her become mentally prepared. Then he smiled at her, shook her hand, possibly talked a little too. Today there were just the two girls in the wheelchair section. It was a great fanservice! I’m so touched! *cries*

Back to the babies. I noticed that after he holds a baby, he won’t hold any more. Afterwards, as he was heading back from the stands, there were three mom’s who wanted to give him a baby to hold. The first one, he stroked the child’s head and tickled its chin. The second one, he smiled at it. The third one he basically ignored and ran back to the main stage. LOL

During the MC there were questions about the kind of cosplay he likes, and he behaved like he didn’t like it at all, and couldn’t come up with anything even if he tried.. Later on Massu said that he liked Santa outfits, then he suddenly became enthusiastic and said that he liked it too. Afterwards some of the members were talking about cosplaying as a girl, and he pretty much ignored it, lol.

And today they talked about what kind of career they would like. Much to my surprise, he actually said that he didn’t care, as long as it’s relaxing! LOL~ Something funny was when they were talking about Koyama’s favourite career choices, and everyone immediately decided for him that it was selling ramen! Even though I’m not really a fan, I couldn’t help but crack up here, hahaha!

Credit: yamarai

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