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Report: Ashita no Joe filming (April 10, 2010)

Many reports are coming in now from the extras! Apparently after filming, they celebrated Pi's birthday! There was a cake with an image of Joe and Riikishi's match. Hope this gets shown on TV for us to see. =D

Report 1: Detailed report from a male extra

At 7am we gathered at Kawaguchi shakushou*图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
As soon as I arrived, I was given the prisoner's uniform and shoes. After changing, there was hairstyling and make up, and some make up around my neck. The rest I had to do make up myself...
I don't know how to put on make up, so after roughly putting some on, I walked to the filming site.
We were given breakfast, and after I finished eating, the make up artist walked over and said, "Can I adjust your make up a bit?"
And put on make up for me again properly (lol)
After a while, the main actor Yamapi came out in a robe~
He's really handsome after all图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Even from a man's point of view, I'll admit honestly that he is really handsome图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

Soon, filming began!
The scene was Joe and Riikishi's boxing match at the juvenile detention centre. 图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
The Yamapi who took off his robe...图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
His abs were really defined, it's amazing!
Really he has a great figure.. I was very impressed.. 图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

Basically, we played the prisoners who supported and cheered for Riikishi 图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Yamapi (Joe) was being beat up really hard...
Everyone was cheering for Riikishi with all their might图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
The filming was, even for one scene, there would be many filming angles, and was repeated many many times....

Finaly it was noon...图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Since 7am till 1pm in the afternoon, we couldn't go to the bathroom, so now the first thing is to run to the bathroom...
As expected, the line was really long图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Moving forward slowly, when I was close to the entrance, Yamapi had just finished using the bathroom, and was washing his hands图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Yamapi who finished washing his hands liiightly brushed my shoulder as he walked out....
I have a kind of a happy feeling.... so lucky图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

After eating our bento, the second half started图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
In order to show the image of being really beaten up by Riikishi, Yamapi had special effect make up put on as he returned.
Even then, Yamapi was still really handsome (lol)
The filming continued successfully, when it was around evening, it became very windy and cold...图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
We were cold in our prisoner uniforms, Yamapi who had a bare upper body... must have been extremely cold图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

So, today's filming was completed图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Everybody worked hard图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
It's really tiring being an actor....
Even experienced actors like Kagawa Teruyuki, the way he directed the site of filming was fitting of his position as a senpai...
Yamapi received a lot of advice from him too图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

Ah, on a random note, Yamapi had an open belly button piercing (lol)
And also, after finishing filming, he sent a text message to someone图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
No matter what, "Ashita no Joe" is a piece of work I really like. Even a little, being able to participate in this I'm really moved.
Although it really is tiring (lol)

Here is watchful21's post on the same entry: watchful21.livejournal.com/204367.html

Report 2: From a male blogger who was an extra

The solitary hero
Standing in the boxing ring~ looking into the distance~ What is the boxer praying/hoping for~
(The Solitary hero [Kodoku no Hero], The Alfee: 1985)
I saw Yamapi today.
A silent young man..
But, calmly continuing in the tasks ahead of him, without a word of complaint, he's an amazing person after all
Kagawa-san was very different from the serious expression he had when I saw him last week. Today he was very easy going, very happy, he is a boxing otaku  after all~

Report 3: A father and son who were extras together

Today me and my son went to be extras for the movie Ashita no Joe.
Details of this are secret, but we spent a day with Yamapi and Kagawa!
I can't talk about anything that hasn't been released yet, but Yamapi's face is really beautiful, really felt the Johnny's power!
He had a defined 6 pac and his pecs were really well trained too!
Occasionally Yamapi's sweat would fly over, and many times, he was standing at a close enough distance to touch, actor-san (Yamapi) was right there!
When I went to the bathroom, it was with Yamapi!
Even against the strong opposing voices to the making of movie Ashita no Joe, I think that if the movie can come close to the original, that would not be a bad thing.
Being able to participate in the movie filming for such a historically significant piece of work, I think it's great!

Report 4: Written on the train by a female Pi fan, who was an extra

I saw Joe P~~图片点击可在新窗口打开查看 图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
His hairstyle, even though it seemed to be slightly wet most of the time, it wasn't actually that short...
Compared to Kurosagi, the side and the back of his hair seemed shorter, and his bangs draped down in the front
He wore a white robe~图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
And he did the boxing actions~!
I think that I saw more than 50% of him, really felt like my heart would jump out of my mouth
Even now my heart can't stop beating!图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
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