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Sakura Girl - Only Star report and Mini movie in the single <3

Secrets behind NEWS Cover Photoshoot (Yamashita-kun and Tegoshi version)
Yamashita-kun and Tegoshi-kun's gesture?!
The two of them naturally did this....

The now on sale Oristar
The new single "Sakura Girl" will be sold on March 31st
The NEWS members appeared on the cover图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Did everyone check yet图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

The secret behind the filming of the cover
The last part is Yamashita-kun and Tegoshi-kun图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

The two of them sat on that big sofa together, and Yamashita-kun suddenly stuck out his index finger at Tegoshi-kun图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Tegoshi-kun responded to Yamashita-kun's gesture, and their index fingers touched
E.T. pose completed图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
The two of them naturally completed this gesture, it is shown completely in page 21图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Next, the two of them were told to hold some cards
Again, very naturally, it became "Go Fish"图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Laid out the cards,
"Ah! I have three cards of the same number!" Yamashita-kun said excitedly图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Because he got a Joker, trying to persuade Tegoshi-kun to take the Joker, the cute Yamashita-kun图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
During the break between photoshoots, Nishikido-kun received a text message图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
Nishikido-kun showed his text message to Yamashita-kun, who sat beside him 图片点击可在新窗口打开查看
The two of them looked at the message together and laughed
A really friendly atmosphere图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

The interview and photoshoot expressing the beautiful teamwork of the NEWS members
It is all in the now on sale Only Star图片点击可在新窗口打开查看图片点击可在新窗口打开查看

A separate report talks about the new single, saying that there are two mini movies are included, a sakura version and a supporting version

Sakura version has a background of sakura tree like the cover with sakura petals moving.

News: Sakura~~~
P: Ring ring ring
Ryo: The phone is ringing
Tego: The phone is ringing, pick it up!
Massu: The phone is ringing!
P: Hello, I'm Yamashita Tomohisa
Ryo: I'm Nishikido Ryo!
Kei: I'm Koyama!
Tego: I'm Tegoshi!
Shige: I'm Shige!
Massu: I'm Masuda~ (Singing "Boku wa Masuda" like the "Boku no sakura" line from the single)
Kei: La la love sakura!
News: We are NEWS!

The support version, thanks tochibi_hime 

Massu: I wish for your happiness everyday.
Yamapi: Believe in yourself. Work your hardest and do your best.
Tego: I also will be supporting you. Do your best!
Koyama: Have fun everyday and stay healthy/energetic!
Shige: You are like the sakura.
Ryo: Hooray! Hooray! SAKURA!
ALL: This was NEWS.

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